iTrainer GolfiTrainer Hits North America

iTrainer is not really a “gadget” per se. This is a bonafide game improvement system. It is not that often that I get the opportunity to sit in front of the television, but when I do…it’s tuned to The Golf Channel, or any other channel that is broadcasting golf. At least it stays there until the better half arrives to the living room. Hey, If you’re wife watches golf with, good for you. You are blessed! Seeing all the ads for the latest balls, clubs, game improvement gadgets, and training methods, I started thinking about how quickly gadgets can be obsoleted with the rapid pace at which technology is advancing. Having visited the PGA Merchandise show, I got a firsthand look at just how many new products are coming down the line.

Sorting Through the Golf Gadget Noise

My point here is this. There’s a lot of noise out there in the golf gadget world. How does one sort through all the noise to find the products that can really make a difference. I’m writing this to let everyone know that iTrainer Golf is the real deal. We had Darren McEntee in our studios a few weeks back while he was in town. While here, we had Darren demonstrate iTrainer to our broadcast team. The amount of data that this tiny device can generate is phenomenal. It stacks up against the most sophisticated golf simulators costing 10s of thousands of dollars. And, iTrainer  was just released to the North American market at $249.oo. Yup, that’s what I wrote…$249.00.

Incredibly Accurate Swing Metrics

In addition to ball flight, ball speed, swing speed, swing plane, and about 20 other metrics, iTrainer has an interactive instruction feature to guide you through correcting any swing issues. Add this to games for younger golfers, and the ability to play virtual rounds, iTrainer will revolutionize the home simulator experience….at a fraction of the cost for other solutions. Itrainer can deliver all it’s data even if you’re hitting whiffle balls. It has been tested alongside all the high dollar competition and is remarkably accurate.

We’ll be providing more iTrainer Golf information later this summer when we get Darren back in the studio with the latest ITrainer updates. We promise to be more prepared next time and to produce a better video product, but here is a link to another article about ITrainer and below is the video from our impromptu session and Darren’s first time on camera. I think he did an awesome job!