Fall golf season is just around the corner and everyone is looking for the best deal on Myrtle Beach golf packages. The best news yet, is the weather has been great for golf course conditions and this Fall is going to be an exceptional season for golfers. As golf courses continue to rebound from the tough times brought on by the recession, prices are still low compared to the quality of golf offered. Even though Myrtle Beach is becoming a year round tourist attraction, the Fall crowds aren’t nearly as heavy as Summer. Getting a great place to stay close to all the amenities is relatively easy compared to Summer.

The larger your group, the earlier you need to be making plans. As economic conditions continue to improve getting last minute tee times for more than a foursome are getting progressively harder during season. Lately we’ve seen more and more golfers waiting to the last minute…because during the slower recessionary times it was possible to do so. Our fear is that practice is going to create problems as course play increases. You may end up having to split up your group or play later than your desired plans. So, please do not wait any longer than absolutely necessary.

Another trend we see developing is the number of smaller groups who set up their accommodations and shop for tee times after they arrive. I suppose we’ve created that situation with all the 48 hour rates that have developed. As mentioned earlier, the larger the group, the tougher it is to keep them together last minute. Courses just can’t fill in holes without often splitting up the groups.  But, for those who like this practice, we (at TheGolfDirector.com) have established a large database of  48 hour rates, and have set up our systems to accommodate players who like the practice.

Weather permitting we expect this Fall season to be the best we’ve seen in the past few years. It is by far our favorite.  The Spring season was affected by a tougher than normal winter in out-of-market areas and lots of rainy days here at the beach. Late February and March used to be really strong periods, but when folks can’t get out of their driveways, golf becomes a lower priority. We know that many groups put off their Spring trips until Fall, and that’s one of the reasons we feel like this is going to be a good one.

There are plenty of great deals on Fall Myrtle Beach golf packages still out there. But, don’t wait too long to make your plans. You may be disappointed in tee time availability when you wait to the last minute. We, here at TheGolfDirector.com would like to earn you golf vacation and last minute tee time business. We have a dedicated veteran staff to answer all your questions and help you plan your trip to the beach.  Whether yours is a large or small group, we’ll work extra hard to make sure you have a better than awesome golfing experience. You can always chat with us online, call us toll free at 844.GoGolf1 (844.464.6531), or reach out to us through our Contact Form. To see some our great Myrtle Beach golf packages Click HERE. If you would like a custom quote, let us know. We’ll create a golf experience just for you!.