golferBy Jeff Gilder
I use these two tips to beat the heat, play, and enjoy summer golf in Myrtle Beach. After all there are some great summer golf deals available along the Grand Strand. The courses are less crowded, too. So, its much easier to get a tee time to fit your vacation schedule. If you’re up for some family golf, several courses participate in the very popular “juniors play free” program.
But before you hit the course, please take the time to prepare for playing on those famously hot and sunny Myrtle Beach days. Be especially careful to properly prepare the children who may be accompanying you. The high temperatures and high humidity can not only zap energy, it can be dangerous if you’re not properly prepared. Living here in paradise I’ve learned how to enjoy summer golf. Here are two things I do to prepare.
1. Hydration – This is the most important of the three tips. This doesn’t mean just drinking a bottle of Gatorade while you play. Proper hydration should begin no later than the day before you plan to play and is best if maintained daily for 2 or 3 days before you play. There’s nothing better for hydration than water. Gatorade is OK, but I dilute mine 50 / 50 with water and use distilled water when possible. You should continue the hydration process throughout and after your game. Although not recommended for pre-play hydration a cold beer afterward is good way (in my opinion) to replenish fluids…after all it is mostly stilled water…right? If I get that last minute invite to play a round and have not been hydrating, I start immediately. It’s not as good as starting the day before, but is better than nothing.
2. Keep Cool – This is a tough one on those 90+ degree days, especially when we’re experiencing some of that awesome South Carolina humidity. I like keeping a couple of towels in ice water to alternate during the round. Wrapping one of those ice cold towels around the back of my neck or over my head really helps keep me cool. Simple things like finding a shady spot to park the cart or stand if you have to wait helps more than you may realize. I don’t use this one, but know folks who carry their umbrellas for shade on the hotter days. I do remember a couple of times thinking about pulling mine out, though.
I know these sound like very simple and common things to do, but you would be surprised at how many people suffer and even die from heat related illness every year. Here are some of the dangers:
Heat Cramps – painful cramping of the muscles of the limbs and abdomen caused by excessive sweating (due to the depletion of salt and water from the body)
Heat Syncope – weakness, fatigue, and fainting due to loss of salt and water
Heat Exhaustion – cool and pale skin, headache, nausea, chills, weakness, unsteadiness, dizziness, rapid pulse, excessive thirst, and muscle cramps
Heat Stroke – hot and dry skin, incoherent speech, disorientation, unconsciousness or coma, nausea, seizures, and rapid or irregular pulse
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