golferBy Jeff Gilder

Living here in the “Mecca of Golf”, I think we sometimes take for granted just how special Myrtle Beach Golf  is to our vacationing golfers. After all, I’m guilty of the same for  Myrtle Beach,s “largest” asset, the Atlantic Ocean. When I first moved to “the beach” I was on the beach almost daily, elated that I could do just that. As time has worn on, I rarely visit the shoreline, although I can see it each morning and evening when I walk my dogs.

Before I moved to Myrtle Beach in 2001, visiting and playing golf here was a treat held in the highest regard since my first visit after graduating high school in 1973. We didn’t play any golf that trip, but we sampled a lot of everything else Myrtle Beach had to offer. I still remember some of it. The subsequent golf trips here were awesome. The quality of the courses to be played and the abundance of nightlife, along with the fact we were…away from home, made for some great vacations with good friends.

Much of this recall and “re-appreciation” (can that be a word?) has occurred in the past week. I recently visited my home town and drove by the local courses I used to play. While they are very nice golf courses in their own way, none compare to the abundance of quality courses we have along the Grand Strand…especially since it was 45 degrees and raining there. I had my clubs with me, but realized since moving to Myrtle Bach, I’ve become a “fair-weather” golfer.  My son and I have played many mornings in the 30’s back in Tennessee after waiting for the frost delay. Now, I rarely play unless it is at least 60 and sunny.

While out and about this week, I ran into to some of our vacationing golfers enjoying a sampling of Myrtle Beach’s great restaurants. A group sitting next to me at the bar at  Banditos were having a great time and decided to have their picture taken. In the background was the ocean and a very attractive (and well-endowed) waitress. Suddenly the one chosen to take the photo hesitated. I said  “Man, that’s a perfect Myrtle Beach shot. Why did you stop?”  He replied,” Having her in that shot would raise far too many questions.” He waited til she moved out of the frame and took the picture. These were obviously married men.

Later that evening just after I arrived home, I noticed there was a group of golfers renting a house in our neighborhood. You may ask…how did I know they were golfers…? Well, it was pretty obvious. There were three cars in the driveway all from different states and four guys drove up in a fourth car with the windows down, radio blasting Carolina Beach Music, and…they were all wearing either a visor or a cap. I watched from my garage as they got out of the car singing, laughing, and talking loudly and attempted to get up the steps of the raised beach house. It was quite comical. Three of them had apparently been enjoying quite a few of their favorite beverages after (and quite possibly during) their round. The fourth, the designated driver, had his hands full trying to help them into the house. This morning, I woke up to find one of their cars in my driveway with the windows down. It was raining…lol.

There’s no real purpose of this particular writing other than to share a few of my observations last week. After reading the above, you may be left asking, “Hey what were the three things?” The answer: Golf;  Nightlife; and being away from home.

Be sure to make Myrtle Beach the destination for your next vacation. We certainly do have a lot to offer and we love watching you enjoy yourselves, even if you are the one who blocked me in my garage this morning. Those cat tracks on your dash and mat of hair in your seat were from my cat, Sunny. He enjoyed his stay. FORE!sunny