With all the Myrtle Beach discount golf cards available, it can be quite confusing as to which one to choose. How do you know which one is the best? What exactly is the criteria one should use in attempting to determine the best. I’m happy to share my opinion here. We welcome yours.

The variety of courses offered has to be a consideration, but by the value received is going to be the most important to many people in view of the economic strains felt lately. Some cards offer discounts at more courses, but may not offer the best discount per round.

The Platinum Card offered by East Coast Golf Management has great variety. The course selection offers challenge for all levels of skill and with the Platinum Card round cost, budget is not an issue regardless of the course. With two price points ($30 and $40) members can play any course on the card for a great value. For example, Crow Creek’s normal round cost at the time of this writing is $85 and you can play it with the Platinum card for $40. Some courses allow guests to play for the same amount and some charge $5 more for guests.

The price of the card is $50 plus tax. With the purchase your get 2 free rounds and a dozen golf balls. So, it pays for itself immediately. The card also offers members to play 4 rounds and get the 5th free….every 5th round is free. It’s not hard to calculate value with deals like this. Even is you are a golfer who gets to the course 5 or 6 times a year, you can save a considerable amount with this card. Think about it.. With 2 rounds free plus the 5th free, you can play 7 rounds for the member rate of 4, which is going to be anywhere from 30% to 110% off the regular rate. You might just save enough to get you out there more often.

Many visiting golfers come twice per year and play 4 or 5 rounds each time. This card is a great deal for them, especially when you consider the fact the guests play for only $5 more than the member rate. It makes a lot of sense to consider this when creating your next golf vacation.

So, when choosing the best Myrtle Beach discount golf card, be sure to consider the overall value per round, taking into account the cost for guests, too. I think you’ll agree the Platinum Card is going to stand up well to all the others! The Platinum Golf Membership is an annual program. Deals for respective years may vary. Please visit their site for the latest deals. Get more information at http://platinumgolfmembership.com or click HERE to go to the official East Coast Golf Management site..