As a self-proclaimed “digital junkie”, I love seeing folks rise to the occasion, especially when it involves new technology like the Myrtle Beach Golf App. The team at Himmelsbach Communications have certainly risen to the occasion, and have gone straight to the top in my opinion. The Myrtle Beach Golf App is a perfect tool for golfers interested in our area. With information about accommodations, restaurants, and nightlife along with the ability to find and book tee times, this app is “must download”. Did I mention it’s FREE!

In addition to being a great deal for golfers, this platform is a great place for any business in the area to advertise. In today’s search driven world, being found is crucial. If your business caters to the golf industry and you are on this app, you will be found. I think the downloads for this app will be huge as the word spreads and  new features and content are added.

The timing for this platform is perfect. Our local golf industry needs to reach new visitors as well as re-engage current and former visitors. Smart device usage is growing at an astounding rate. Even geezers like myself have them…and use them religiously.  Five years ago, few expected this technology to be adopted so universally across the age groups.  Beginning ten years ago, much of corporate America turned its back on us old pharts, yielding to the younger more tech savvy bunch for their targeted marketing. Well, we’ve shown them a thing or too. We ‘re not only savvy enough to google with the best of the youngsters, collectively we have many times their buying power. It’s about time everyone realized the the importance of digital communications and marketing…and that almost no one is excepted. To read more about smart device usage CLICK HERE.

Being  touted as the Seaside Golf Capital of the World isn’t enough for our area to remain as a top golf destination. Competition for golfers is fierce in an era when the U.S. golf course industry has built beyond current demand. The key to gaining ground on other areas is to out-market them. That doesn’t necessarily mean out-spend them. We’ve all heard the old saying, “Work smarter not harder.” We need to market smarter. Here along the Grand Strand we (the local golf industry) are sitting on potentially the most dynamic golf marketing power in the world. It is time to capitalize on our collective power. Hat’s off to Himmelsbach communications for once again taking the lead!

To learn more about the Myrtle Beach Golf App and to get you FREE download go to