Hey folks, I just learned about a Thanksgiving Day special at Sam Snead;s Oak Grill and Tavern in Myrtle Beach and wanted to share. Since moving here to paradise in the summer of 2001, I’ve noticed more and more folks visiting Myrtle Beach for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. After all, what’s not to like. The weather is usually awesome, the golf courses are green, the shopping is always great, and there are an abundance of great places to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

Back near my hometown in Tennessee, holidays (especially Thanksgiving) normally meant most of the restaurants were closed because most families were together celebrating. Not the case in normally sunny, Myrtle Beach, SC. With all the attraction here for tourist it has become a great place to spend the holidays. And as a resident,  I kind of like that. Not only because I know its helping to fuel our local economy, but because I like seeing folks enjoying themselves when I’m out and about on the holidays. I remember how lonely the small towns back home were, and I do prefer the bustling holiday activity.

We (Zeus and TGD) have recently developed a relationship with one of our area’s newest restaurants, Sam Snead’s Oak Grill and Tavern. Several year’s ago the area had a Sam Snead’s restaurant and we hated to see it go, so having this new restaurant open up was a welcomed event. The locals and visitors alike have adopted Snead’s as a regular hang out. After all, upon arrival you’ll be treated to an awesome lunch and dinner menu, great service, and be part of the unique ambiance created by a surrounding of one of the most amazing golf memorabilia collections anywhere…a perfect fit for the Golf Capital of the World.

Sam Snead’s Myrtle Beach has just announced an incredible Thanksgiving special. So, whether you’re a local or visiting paradise for Thanksgiving, you’ll want to check out this new establishment and this three course delight that combines some traditional Thanksgiving items as well as some of their own classic recipes. And hey, this coupld be just the  push you needed to decide to enjoy Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach. How could you go wrong?

We always try to help our clients and associates get the word out about their business and it has been my pleasure to share with you this news about the Thanksgiving Day Special at Sam Snead’s Oak Grill and Tavern in Myrtle Beach, SC. So come on to paradise, bring your friends and family and join me an many others for this treat. Get more details by following this link. http://samsneadsmyrtlebeach.com/enjoy-thanksgiving-at-sam-sneads-myrtle-beach/