The traffic along the Grand Strand would indicate summer tourism is certainly rebounding and Myrtle Beach golf courses seem to be benefiting better than years past. It’s too early, at the time of this writing, to quote any “official” reports with actual results, so this is a “personal” observation coming from first hand experience and speaking with some of the area pros. Having lived  in the area since 2001, I’ve played my share of summer golf. That is the time, along with winter, that locals can find great rates and less crowded conditions. While afternoons have certainly been less crowded, we’ve experienced some really busy mornings with full tee sheets on a number of area golf courses.

While some courses are seeing morning rounds similar to peak seasons, those results are not shared by all. It makes sense that courses closer to the center of tourism in Myrtle Beach would get more traffic than those in outlying areas. That’s what we see in peak seasons as well. The thing that is always puzzling to me is how certain courses are considered “out there” and seem to justify slower play being the result of their proximity to the hub of accommodations. Others “further out there” manage to not be affected so much by their location. It does make a huge difference for courses located in or near housing developments, especially if there’s an active membership.  I know that’s an obvious observation, but bears mention.

Regardless of all the geographic differences and golf course idiosyncrasies, it’s great to see more folks on the courses taking advantage of summer rates. We, here at have urged our golf course partners to put more emphasis on 9 hole rounds. It makes perfect sense, with today’s busy households, 9 hole rounds have a special place in summer season. We’re glad to see some of the courses stepping up their promotion of 9 hole rounds. Another great feature we see more in summer than peak season is the advantage given to juniors. Many courses have adopted the “Juniors Play Free” with a paying adult. Others have discounted junior rates. Some restrict the time of day when juniors can play free.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the area, take advantage of the great rates still available for the summer season. If you don’t have room to bring your clubs along with the family luggage, there are plenty of rental clubs available at most Myrtle Beach golf courses. If you’re planning a fall or spring golf trip let Dave Walker here at help you with your bookings and accomodations.  Dave has years of experience on this side of the golf business and can get you the best rates available. Click HERE to look at some of Dave’s packages. If you want a custom package…Dave loves those!