sunsafeteelogoGolfers have an ally to better arm themselves with skin cancer facts to be able to enjoy their time on the course and in the sun without worry of harmful effects of UV rays with Sun SafeTee.  Shan Coughlin interviewed Mark Wishner of Sun SafeTee and asked him,  What does a “perfect” golf round look like with sun protection? What should golfers be doing to protect themselves?”   Hear the entire interview by clicking here .  These are the five steps golfers Mark gave Shan so that golfers can be better protected.

1 – Apply sunscreen to exposed areas before they leave the house since it takes about 15-20 minutes for it to begin working.  This would cover the golfer for the drive to the course, the warm up and first nine.

2 – Hydrate before they leave the house and continue throughout the round.  Once you are thirsty, it is too late.

3 – Wear a wide brim hat, sunglasses and UV rated clothing including long sleeves and long pants

4 – Supplement during the round for loss of electrolytes etc. to maintain focus and energy.

5 – Re-apply sunscreen at the turn and after the round for maximum protection.

While long sleeves and long pants may not seem very appealing to the warm climate golfers, the technology in textiles is improving and clothing manufactures are beginning to offer more options for comfort and fashion.   Putting sunscreen on can also be an issue as most golfers do not want to get the lotion on their grips.  There are ways to apply sunscreen to protect your clubs’ grips too.  Mark is an avid golfer who founded this organization after his own experience with skin cancer so he has thought through all the issues.  He has even put them in videos to share.

The Sun SafeTee program has some fantastic partners that help them out.  They are a non-profit organization working from personal and corporate donations.  Go to their website at to watch the videos, help support their sponsors, find out where they are having events near you, and/or to offer your support.  They also have quotes and educational materials that we all need to familiarize ourselves with. It is not an accident that the majority of facial skin cancer is on the driver’s side of the face.

The Golf Director thanks Mark Wishner, founder of Sun SafeTee, and hopes to continue to assist them get the word out about their programs and events.  Enjoy the sun, protect yourself and hitem’ straight!