Photo by Matthew Trudeau

Welcome to The Golf Director network where Myrtle Beach Golf comes to life. Lesson number one for newcomers, is that Myrtle Beach Golf often refers to the dozens of golf courses along the Grand Strand in South Carolina. The Golf Director is an all-inclusive digital network dedicated to the promotion and elevation of golf along The Grand Strand. Within this unique platform you’ll find a social network where golfers, professionals, golf marketing companies, and golf course personnel gather to share the Myrtle Beach Golf experience. The social network includes, blogs, forums, photo and video galleries, a tournament calendar, live chat, and much more.

Adding to the network the element of entertainment, The Golf Director Radio produces and broadcasts a series of radio programs and podcasts each week. The Golf Director hosts, George Honeycutt and Shan Coughlin combine with area PGA and LPGA Professionals as well as other amateur golfers to enlighten listeners with playing tips, course reviews, restaurant reviews, tech tips, tournament schedules, local entertainment, national golfing current events, and much more. Each program is aired live then placed into a 24/loop to catch those listening in different time zones. All shows are then archived for listen on-demand and are downloadable as podcasts to smart phones, tablets, and desktop devices. The Golf Director will roll out their web TV series in the coming months.

A primary focus of The Golf Director is to give amateur golfers a much closer look at the Grand Strand area and the courses they consider for their golf vacations. Having an unmatched out-of-market reach, The Golf Director’s message targets potential vacationers before they leave home…as they plan their trips.

Many feel the U.S. golf industry has reached saturation. Competition for rounds has become a major challenge. As families make decisions about there golf vacations, they can’t receive too much information. In today’s hi-tech world,  information is our most valuable commodity. Our jobs (collectively) as golf marketing professionals is to provide that information in and effective manner that will attract golfers to The Grand Strand. After all, our area has more to offer golfers and their families than any other resort location in the United States. We can’t assume everyone knows that!

Running on the backbone of  Zeus Digital Marketing, The Golf Director, began life with a reach to over 160 countries and territories, all 50 United States, and over 20,000 cities. Within 3 months of launch, the network out performed expectations reaching 112 countries all on its own. The global interest in Myrtle Beach Golf is apparent. In addition to the United States, listeners from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Ireland, Guatemala  Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, and many more frequent The Golf Director Radio channel daily.

We’re excited about the part we play as a Myrtle Beach based company promoting Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach Golf to the world. Stay tuned as we increase our content contribution with new developments, blogging/articles, and programming designed to attract golfers to Myrtle Beach, Sc.