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Waiting to the last minute to plan for spring 2015 Myrtle Beach golf packages may mean missing the best tee times. Although the spring 2014 season was slower than desired, it was hampered by some extreme (for us) weather in the form of ice and some really cold rainy days. If the fall 2014 season is any indication of what we will see in spring (barring more bad weather) it is going to be pretty strong. The golf packaging side of our business here at The Golf Director was a new addition just prior to the fall season. We did a small amount of package rounds in fall, but our spring season is already well on its way. If our start-up operation is seeing this kind of activity, the folks who have huge databases of golfers are surely seeing the development of a strong spring season.

Accommodations are not going to be an overall issue no matter how strong the season develops to be. We always have an abundance of lodging during the golf seasons which shoulder the beach’s summer tourist season. But, getting lodging that is convenient to your play plans may well be an issue if you wait to the last minute. We’re seeing golf course villas filling up ahead of everything else due completely to the convenience factor.

Another factor that may affect your planning is something called yield management. We’ve been mentioning this over the past few months in our updates, because we see the potential for issues. Not being an expert on the subject, I won’t attempt to give an in-depth explanation, but will hit the most important issue. Courses who utilize this software can automatically adjust rates based upon demand.  More and more courses are moving in this direction. We’ve already seen small changes in package plans affect pricing. When you take into account that we have 15+ rate periods already, then add in adjusted rates for premium tee times, and then add in the possibility that rates can be adjusted as we get closer to playdates, advance planning is a must to lock in rates. That’s the good news, as soon as your golf is booked, the rates are locked.

So, take this as friendly advice, get a jump on your planning for Myrtle Beach golf packages. The earlier you get them booked, the better. The best tee times and lodging have always gone first, now there is a new possibly of pricing increases closer to playdates. If we can help in way with your planning let us know. Contact us HERE to interact with one of our package specialists or give us a call at 844.GoGolf1 (844-464-6531). Click the help desk tab at the bottom or the page   or visit our Myrtle Beach golf packages information page.