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Myrtle Beach Golf Package Report for Spring 2016

It’s time for the Myrtle Beach Golf Package Report for Spring 2016. Consider this one the preseason report. We’ll add another during and after the season. While golf is still relatively flat across the nation, Myrtle Beach is showing signs of improvement. The past two seasons (Spring and Fall 2016) were fraught with some unusual (for us) weather occurrences. Both of those seasons were wetter than normal, and actually hindered play. Some golfers were certainly discouraged by weather reports to just stay home. Spring 2016 looks really healthy going into the season. We hope mother nature finds it within her to provide a more golfer-friendly environment this year.

The Golf Director

First, we’ll give some insight to our package business here at TGD. We are relatively new in the the package business with about 1 1/2 years under our belts. So, our take may vary slightly to other packagers. Obviously one would expect us to project growth…and we are. So, if golf is flat nationally, are we just stealing market share with our online media and savvy marketing prowess? Well, maybe to some extend we are, but we’re still holding steady on a critical (to us) metric that reports 20 to 25% of all golfers we engage have never been to Myrtle Beach. Good news to other packagers, we’re not complete savages.

TGD Golf Vacations currently has on the books for 2016 more rounds than we booked for all of 2015. That still does not put us in the league of many of our other packaging friends. And, we do consider all (at least most) of the other packagers in town our friends. The trend of packed peaks is holding true for this year. We think we’re already seeing improvement over years past. What that means is that preferred tee times and lodging are getting booked earlier each year. Large groups (8 or more) need to book at least six months in advance to take advantage of the best tee times and lodging. Having said that, we (as reported in the past) will likely never run out of lodging choices during golf season. But there are limits to the lodging that is located on golf courses. Fortunately the golfer seasons shoulder our summer tourist season, so golfers do not have to compete with beach goers for rooms. Saves some money, too, as rates for lodging do go up in the summer as gofer rates tend to go down.

Online Booking

As we’ve reported in the past, online bookings are increasing. We’re seeing more smaller groups resorting to inline booking. We expect this trend to increase rapidly over the next seasons as folks become more comfortable with the process, and as golf websites provide more intuitive tools. You can expect to see some new and innovative tools here at TGD later this year, as we have plans to roll out a new online interface.


Overall we’re very positive about golf in Myrtle Beach. Yep, we’re the new kids and growth has a positive effect on mentality. Some of those who have been around longer and remember golf in its heyday are no where near where they used to be in package rounds. Bottom line….those who adapt to changing technology and the way consumers are engaging will fare the best going forward. We think the package business nationally, and here in MB will change drastically over the next few years….impacted most by online tools and user tendencies related to same.

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