Every year that I have the opportunity to play Myrtle Beach golf in the Fall, I’m reminded why I live here. To me, this is the best season of the year. Yes, it’s a close toss up with Spring, but Fall wins. Perhaps I’ll voice another opinion in Spring, but it’s Fall now and Myrtle Beach is absolutely perfect.

Fortunately I’ve been able to play a lot of golf (for me) this year. Beginning with my first round of the year in February at Oyster Bay, when it was 38 degrees when we teed of (yes, I remember perfectly) I think I’ve played about 25 times so far this year. That was a two-glove first round. Glad I hung onto the winter gloves.  I expect to get in at least another 15 rounds…maybe more before year end. The greatest benefit to living here is that we can play all year…on green grass for the most part. The day we played Oyster Bay back in February, the temp rose to over 50 degrees by the end of the round. Funny…back in Tennessee my son and I waited out the frost delay many times and played when the temperature never got above 40. I admit, I’ve turned into a bit of a “fair weather” player since moving here in 2001. I will play  the cool days, but prefer 60 degrees or above. Hey, who wants to wear all those clothes?

The rye grass over-seeding preparation / process began over the past couple of weeks for most courses. As the Bermuda rough goes dormant, those rye grass fairways will turn into a beautiful rich green color showing the mowing stripes better than ever. Some courses over-seed the greens, some do not. Some even pain the greens. It seems we hear more and more proponents of painting the Bermuda hybrids rather than over-seeding them lately. Some say it is healthier for the greens and certainly less expensive. The few courses (here at the beach)  that still have bent grass are welcoming the cooler weather as those beautiful bent greens recover from the summer heat.

We’re in the peak Fall golf season right now, and the courses are pretty busy. There’s still plenty of daylight, so afternoon eighteen hole rounds are still easy if you start by 2 o’clock. Some of us can still get in eighteen after 3 o’clock. Yup, I like to play fairly fast. I play quite a few tournaments and scrambles that are more of a social happening than a serious game. So having endured several of those this year, I’m ready for some serious golf! Play it down, putt it out, count ’em all.

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