No one in Myrtle Beach likes to talk about discount golf. Most try to avoid using that “D” word. But, let’s face it we’re gofers and we want the best deals we can get even if we are playing on some of the most premium course conditions anywhere. You can’t blame us for that! We fully understand the challenges (believe it or not) the courses face in providing us a great golfing experience. We just want to know we didn’t pay too much…or perhaps better said, more than we have to.

Lately it seems like the the competition for play among the courses has become a competition for the best gimmick….to attract play. The quest for a great golf experience shouldn’t be affected by the gimmicks. Golf value shouldn’t be judged by the giveaways. But, free drinks, free lunches, golf balls, gift cards, and free rounds have become the norm. What’s next? Free room and board? How long can the courses keep giving away the profit for more rounds played?

Then there are some courses…we won’t mention any names (CoughCrowCreek!) who just offer straight up great golf for a fair price and they rock, even right through the summer slow season. Another course that we’ve been trying to get a Saturday morning tee time for the past 2 months is (CoughSandpiperBay!) and the deal is pretty much the same. Great golf+ Great conditions+Fair prices= Busy Courses. We could go on…without mentioning any names (CoughWorldTour) but there are plenty of courses in the area making a statement that their course value stands tall and they continue to be steadfast in leaning on reputation, course conditions, and customer services to attract new and repeat play.  Perhaps it doesn’t hurt that hese unmentioned courses are among the growing list of golf partners. Hmmm, do you think that could help? We hope so. That is the intent. Our golf partners get to appear on TGD Radio and TGD TV each month to give players the latest news about their courses.

When it comes to “non- discount” golf (tongue-in-cheek), perhaps the best “non-discount” entity out there is the Platinum Membership Card by East Coast Golf Management. These folks have over 20 courses now, and for the price of their “non-discount” membership card, players get two free rounds, play 4 get the 5th free, and near-half price deals at participating courses. Let’s set the record straight, though….they are not a discount golf card. Apparently that “D” word is a bad one in the industry and East Coast does not want their card to referred to as such. We, alrighty then. It’s a membership card. Have it your way! But it’s a helluva great deal!

So, if you’re looking for Myrtle Beach discount golf, it’s out there. There are also some great courses out there offering great golf for fair prices you should consider as well. While you’re at it, check out the last minute tee times and golf vacation deals right here at TheGolf We get the best prices available from all the courses and pass along the savings to you. We also throw in all the free stuff from those courses who offer it. And you can’t beat our customer service! Click HERE for details. Our friendly staff is always a chat, email, or phone call away.