Just Call Dave!With the goal of simplifying your golf packaging and last minute tee time needs, we at TheGolfDirctor.com have launched a brand new program named, Just Call Dave For Myrtle Beach Golf. Really, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. If you call Dave Walker at 844.GoGolf1 (844.464.6531), you’ll reach one of the most knowledgeable golf directors along the Grand Strand. Dave has been in the business for 15 years and knows every golf course in the area like the back of his hand. Fortunately his game has led him to nearly every square foot of every course over the years. No offense, Dave!

Upon entering into the golf packaging arena, we wanted to utilize our multimedia reach to find new golfers for the area, and to give those returning some new options. We hired Dave in March of 2014 to head up that department, and he has been steadily creating relationships between our company and the courses as well as the best available accommodations. Dave’s been putting together some great packages and would love to earn the opportunity to show off his work.

Starting a golf booking business from scratch requires lots of patience. Dave has little patience. He paces in his cubicle like a caged tiger ready to take on the world. We thought he was a …sort of mild mannered, easy going dude at first. Man were we wrong! When he steps into his office he changes into Super Dave!. The dude’s a beast! But, one of the nicest guys (with a cape) you’ll ever speak with.

We were very lucky to latch onto a guy who has been in the business and has earned the respect of the local golf industry. All the golf course personnel know Dave and are accustomed to working with him. He can get things done others only dream about. It is not at all comforting to Dave that other golf directors are dreaming about him. It’s OK, Dave. Consider it flattery!

Just Call Dave (#JustCallDave) is already working. We’re getting calls from golfers all over North America seeking out his superb services. Many of them have landed on our website (TheGolfDirector.com) and hit him up on chat  to watch him spring into action. It’s kind of like unleashing a spring that’s been wound up tight. When Dave gets a golf quote he runs around the office like that rabbit they hired to sell batteries. So for your next golf vacation or just for some last minute tee times, Just Call Dave at 844.GoGolf1 (844.464.65631)! You can email him too. It’s dave@thegolfdirector.com.