Golfalyzer-LogoThe Golfalyzer golf gift breathalyzer now gives a donation to the Folds of Honor Foundation for all Golfalyzers ordered with the promo code “PATRIOT”.  Not only does this handy personal breathalyzer help you to play better golf by knowing your tipping point, but also keeps you safer by knowing your blood alcohol content (BAC) before you ever leave the course.  Combine this with a donation of $5 per unit going to the great organization the Folds of Honor Foundation and the price tag of $24.95 becomes an even better value.  It helps keep you safe AND helps those who have kept our freedoms safe by making the ultimate sacrifice.

Creators Brent Pauley and Chuck Stump came up with the idea of the Golfalyzer when one went on a 4 birdie tear and proclaimed, “I wish I knew by BAC”.  As social athletes have been known to enjoy a few adult beverages on the course or lanes, or during other social activities, they know there is a definite tipping point where that relaxed feeling moves them from keeping focused and relaxed to a bit too relaxed and their game suffers.  Brent and Chuck’s theory was that if we all could know what our tipping point is and could stay just this side of it, we would not only play better but ultimately enjoy ourselves more by scoring better and getting home safely.  Golfers seem to agree as these have become extremely popular and they even won the Best New Product at the 2013 ING Conference this year in Florida.

The Folds of Honor Foundation supports families of fallen soldiers and those disabled soldiers when they return with financial scholarships.  It all started with one man asking one course to donate $1 per round on Labor Day in 2007, it has grown to participation of over 4600 golf courses with multiple events not only in golf but in fishing and bowling as well, also other great social sports.  With the support of Major Ed Pulido and Major Dan Rooney (that one who started it all) telling the story of these heros and their families, The Folds of Honor Foundation has already given over 3800 post secondary scholarships and 250 children’s scholarships.  Their mission of no one left behind keeps them fighting day after day for all of our heros from today and the past.

Help support this great organization and improve your golf game at the same time.  Get your Golfalyzer by clicking here and using the promo code “PATRIOT”.   Say thank you just one more way to those who have sacrificed some and all for our freedoms.