if in full swing with it’s golf radio to highlight Myrtle Beach Golf courses. The company launched early in 2013 with it’s community (social network) as the center of activity, added the golf talk radio channel, and last month, the Myrtle Beach golf blog hosting this article. The first of its kind to target a specific golf destination with 24 / 7 golf talk radio, the network has gradually added programming to cover happenings on the Grand Strand, along with some coverage of global and nationally trending golf news.
Current programming includes:
The Round Table – Hosted by George Honeycutt and LPGA Professional Karen Nicoletti
The Round Table is a weekly show covering local and national golf news. Keeping in tune with the next generation of golfers, the broadcast team keeps up with the Coastal Carolina University men’s and women’s golf program with guest interviews of the coaching staff and other associated CCU personnel. Anything goes on the round table. This crew will tackle any golf related subject.
Amateur golf Talk LIVE – Hosted by Shan Coughlin
Shan gathers community highlights along with local happenings to provide an ongoing account of everything touched by the network. Each week she reports on a featured course, a restaurant “Where Golfers Eat”, and interviews amateur golfers about their Myrtle Beach golfing experience. Shan covers local charity and other tournaments from Tournament Calendar along with interviews with individuals key to the associated charities. One might say Shan monitors and reports the pulse of Myrlte Beach golf.
The Rules of Golf -Hosted by Frank Monk and Shan Coughlin
In each episode Frank Monk, a Tournament Rules official for the NGA Tour and also as the long time Rules Chairman for the World Amateur Handicap Championship Tournament held in Myrtle Beach South Carolina each year, covers (in detail) one of the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf. So many (of us) amateur golfers only know the rules as we have experienced (non-USGA tournament) play. Not surprisingly the “actual” rules vary considerably from the understanding many have. This program is shaping up to be one of our most popular. This writer is getting a much needed education and so will thousands of others.
Tee It Up Grand Strand – Hosted by George Honecutt
Each episode of Tee it Up Grand Strand focuses completely on a Myrtle Beach golf course or group. The show platform includes a course spotlight / overview covering the facilities and staff and a hole-by-hole and shot-by-shot course review by the head professional (of that course) or another appointed individual. The course reviews are broken down into each course nine hole format and are primarily intended to help golfers learn more about each course, its level of challenge, and layout while they plan their golf vacation or travel to the course.The golf course is also provided with a QR Code that can be placed at the bag drop or in inside the cart allowing golfers to scan and hear the review as they play. Each nine hole review is normally less than 5 minutes in length allowing quick reference by hole.
Major Tour Coverage – Hosted by George Honeycutt and PGA Professional Hugh Royer III
Beginning with this year’s Masters Tournament, The Golf noticed a serious spike in audience during some casual coverage of The Masters. Building on that interest the team has planned to cover all the majors with tournament preview and recap shows.
All live golf radio programming is also archived in podcast form for download or listen on demand on the TGD Radio site. Each audio file is accompanied by a text version of the show assist in internet searches. As of this writing there are over one hundred shows in the archive.
That would generate a global audience was never in doubt. But the immediate success and size of the global audience was a pleasant surprise. As of this writing the network has reached 128 countries and generated hundreds of thousands of listening sessions by tens of thousands of unique listeners…a solid indication of the place holds in the golf marketplace.
Being internet based with the ability to reach a specific target, reaches golfers before and while they plan their golf vacations. Reaching those same golfers after they have reached their golf destination is too late in many case to influence their choices of places to sleep, golf, eat, and be entertained. Tighter household budgets and the ability to plan in advance has changed the way everyone vacations in today’s world.

There is much more golf radio coming from as well as some new features to be rolled out later this year.