The Library RestaurantSearching For Fine Dining in Myrtle Beach can often generate a variety of results. Not every ad for a fine dining establishment is true to the cause. It has become much too common to associate the term with an otherwise casual restaurant. Generally speaking, golfers will typically choose casual over fine dining, but over the years The Library Restaurant continues to attract those who are looking for an ultimate dining experience.

Wandering into The Library just after a round of golf is probably not the best idea. There is a strict dress code, and golf attire….is not exactly acceptable. It is always a good idea for first-time visitors to do a little homework and planning by visiting the The Library Restaurant website  to check out the menu, dress code, and by all means, make a reservation. If you want the best, please allow the staff to prepare for your visit ahead of time.

Over the past several years, Myrtle Beach has become known as the Seaside Golf Capital of the World. A nationally slow golf market, the recent recession, and an over-abundance of golf courses in the area created stiff competition for available rounds and subsequently lowered the prices for rounds…and ultimately golf course profitability. As the result many of the area’s courses are struggling, but golfers have been the big winners, getting great value for their golfing dollars. The slow golf economy has not affected The Library Restaurant. Those golfers who know the value of fine dining continue to patronize the establishment.

Regardless of the state of the golf economy, the area’s courses are still among the most pristine. Foreign investors are looking intently at the area, and most recently, Chinese investors have purchased several of the struggling courses. The influx of new money is a relief for the affected courses, and should help to attract more national and international golfers to the area, after all, myrtle Beach has a lot to offer golf vacationers.

Whether golfers are looking for sports bars or fine dining, Myrtle Beach can accommodate.  Often the finer restaurants have relied on word of mouth referrals and repeat customers rather than making an attempt to compete against the hundreds of casual restaurants for the golfer’s business. Fine dining may be an exception to the norm for golfer patronage, but for those who seek that experience, The Library delivers year after year.  To keep up with the fine dining scene in Myrtle beach and to read a recent article about The Library Restaurant, visit