Myrtle Beach based East Coast Golf Management stepped up to become title sponsor for Mitch Laurance’s “A Month of Master” on Golf Connections. Leading up to this year’s Augusta Championship, TGD Radio host, Mitch Laurance has lined up a stellar series of interviews with iconic figures in The Masters rich history. The series began on March 3rd and will air a new episode each Monday and Thursday leading up to the second week of April. After the live airing, show will be placed into a replay schedule and added to the TGD Radio podcast library for listen on-demand. Included in the series are Frank Christian, Dottie Pepper, Ben Wright, Geoff Shacklefor,  Peter Alliss, John Derr, John Patrick, Fluff Cowan, and Billy Casper.

East-Coast-Logo-(2013)---PNEast Coast Golf Management consists of a group of golf industry experts uniquely qualified in facilities operations. The team is staffed with resort accommodation managers, PGA head golf professionals, PGA directors of golf and general managers, project managers and golf business owners and provides leadership that ensures maximum performance of client’s assets. In addition to offering course management and services the company markets the Platinum Golf Membership program offering players great golf values, while driving rounds at associate courses. East Coast Golf Management is one of the fastest growing companies of it’s kind in the industry. Learn more about them by visiting their website at

Mitch Laurance has been the voice (and image) of golf in the Myrtle Beach area going on three decades. His career in acting, directing, and television and radio broadcasting has allowed Mitch to make some great connections in the game of golf. He shares his love of the game, his friends, and his perspective on Golf Connections With Mitch Laurance as a regular episode on’s TGD Radio. The idea for “A Month of Masters” came as he and the broadcast team considered programming to lead up to this year’s Masters Championship. East Coast Golf Management came on a title sponsor on short notice recognizing the potential impact such a series.  To hear more of Golf Connections episodes go to the TGD Radio Podcast library or CLICK HERE.

In addition to” A Month of Masters” Presented by East Coast Golf Management, TGD Radio will also bring back  the popular “Coverage of the Majors” series this year beginning with The Masters Championship. Hosts George Honecutt, Hugh Royer III, and guest will provide commentary building up to the tournament as well as live coverage during the four days of The Masters.