East Coast Golf Management( ECGM) is a name that is familiar to those who have frequented our sites (at The Golf Director) and/or live in the Myrtle Beach area. We began writing about their innovative approach to growing the game of golf nearly 3 years ago. Forward thinking, creative marketing, and efficient services are normal comments that follow mention of this fairly new company. The company struggled to emerge in the highly competitive Myrtle Beach golf market in November 2011, and continue to grow despite the many changes affecting our area.

The most recent changes that have occurred are the acquisition of 27 golf courses in the area by 4 different Chinese investment groups / families. The largest of the investors is Founders Group International (FGI) who now own 22 courses in the area. Another group owns 3, and two other groups own 1 each. Click HERE for more news about those acquisitions.

The recent acquisition of most of National Golf Management’s (NGM) holdings by FGI has two of the areas top courses, Farmstead Golf Links and Meadowlands Golf Club leaving NGM and joining East Coast Golf Management. In a recent interview with The Sun News, Farmstead Meadowlands General Manager, Jason Monahan said, “We had to be proactive and do some forward thinking to make sure we had some kind alignment with somebody, and East Coast was a no-brainer. What they’ve done with that portfolio since 2011 is great. They’re really strong on the north end. It was an easy decision for us. They’re a perfect fit for us.” (Read more here: http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/sports/golf/article19418778.html#storylink=cpy)

Prior to aligning with Farmstead /Meadowlands, ECGM announced adding Wachesaw Plantation East and The International Club on the south end of The Grand Strand. ECGM president, Mike Buccerone said, “Adding these courses to our portfolio is exciting. Our golf package providers have welcomed the additions and we look forward to growing together with these new partners.”

ECGM has been touted as “putting the fun back in golf” by some who are following their progress. The Platinum Golf Membership is a big part of their success. This program offers membership to 22 golf courses (as of this writing) with tee time discounts in the range of 50% along with gift cards up to $100 to be used for golf, merchandise, and food and beverages. Card holders are also privy to a “play 4, get the 5th free” feature that further enhances the value of the membership.

We expect ECGM’s presence to continue to grow in and out of the Myrtle Beach area. They already manage Kings Grant Golf Club in Fayetteville, NC and have plans developing in other areas. The Myrtle Beach golf market is changing drastically and appears to have a bright future. The Chineses acquisitions have offered relief to some struggling companies and the marketing and cooperative efforts of ECGM are certainly showing positive results.  The company recently reported their courses being up an average 20% in package rounds in a market that is otherwise flat at best. They certainly have momentum in their favor, and with results like that others will take notice. For more information about East Coast Golf Management vist their webiste at http://eastcoastgolfmanagement.com