I had the opportunity to play my second round at Eagle Nest golf course in Little River, SC yesterday. I played with my son, Dustin and Eagle Nest golf professional, Ethan Leyshon. Dustin and I had played the course earlier in the year and I remember saying, “I can’t believe we have not played here before.” The course is fun and very playable, and can be challenging from the tips…as we learned yesterday. No, I normally do not play any course from the tips. My game does not warrant such an attempt. I merely went along with the group.

Eagle Nest Golf CourseThe Scenery

The first thing noticeable about Eagle Nest golf course is the unique scenery. The course, having been built prior to some (otherwise) preventive regulatory actions, is woven through the low country terrain among cypress filled Carolina Bays. Rather than trying to educate those unfamiliar with Carolina Bays, we’ve provided a link to Wikipedia HERE. It is doubtful that a course could be built today in such close proximity to these natural phenomena. The course has been accented with the handiwork of Mr. Bill DeWitt, a 30+ year employee of Eagle Nest, and the recent  recipient of the 2014 Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Association’s Employee of the Year award. The land contains a greenhouse, plant nursery, two-acre vegetable garden, a multitude of flower and plant beds, numerous grape vines, pear trees, plum trees, fig trees, etc. Mr. DeWitt still works at the property at the age of 83.  “It’s a unique property,” course superintendent Mark Duzenski (in a recent Sun News story) said. “It’s not just golf, that’s for sure.”

Eagle Nest Golf Course Conditions

Eagle Nest Golf CourseCourse conditions at Eagle Nest were outstanding. The greens were rolling very fast and extremely smooth, the bunkers (yes, I found a couple) were well manicured with plenty of sand. They recently overseeded the fairways with rye, and it was already beginning to sprout. The bermuda is still green, but will become dormant over the next few weeks leaving the lush green rye grass for the balance of fall, winter, and early spring seasons.

I want to emphasize in this blog, just how good the greens were.  Although we didn’t measure, I would say they would have measured in the 11 1/2 to 12 ‘ range on the stimpmeter. Earlier this year (back in summer) Eagle Nest struggled a bit with their greens, and they’ve recovered beautifully! This is a great place to practice and improve your putting skills. These greens are incredibly smooth with lots of undulation.

Eagle Nest Golf course does not get enough praise. These folks do a heck of a good job providing fun golf at an incredible value. Right now during peak season, the walk-in rate is just over $50. There are always deals available as well, such as their participation in the Platinum Membership Card by East Coast Golf management. I would personally recommend including this course in your next golf vacation. And, if you’re a local and haven’t been to Eagle Nest recently, get there. You’ll be glad you did. To book your rounds at Eagle Nest, you can go directly to their site at http://EagleNestGolf.com, or give us a call here at The Golf Director at 844.GoGolf1 (844.646.6531)