Three of the Many Things That Make Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations Great

golferBy Jeff Gilder

Living here in the “Mecca of Golf”, I think we sometimes take for granted just how special Myrtle Beach Golf  is to our vacationing golfers. After all, I’m guilty of the same for  Myrtle Beach,s “largest” asset, the Atlantic Ocean. When I first moved to “the beach” I was on the beach almost daily, elated that I could do just that. As time has worn on, I rarely visit the shoreline, although I can see it each morning and evening when I walk my dogs.

Before I moved to Myrtle Beach in 2001, visiting and playing golf here was a treat held in the highest regard since my first visit after graduating high school in 1973. We didn’t play any golf that trip, but we sampled a lot of everything else Myrtle Beach had to offer. I still remember some of it. (more…)

Got A Belly In Your Swing? Here’s How To Use It to Improve Your Score

golferBy Jeff Gilder

I’m a “senior” amateur golfer with a love for good food and beer who hates working out. The combination of those things usually results in the cultivation of a gut. That’s what happened to me. I just don’t like working out any more even though I know I should. I’ve decided to do what I enjoy most. Why not? Life’s too short, and I realize just how short with each birthday. Yep, I even eat my desert first at times.

For a long time I tried to figure out how to work around the gut, then one day I had (more…)

Amateur Golf Tips for Teaching Pros-How I Come Back After a Long Layoff

golferBy Jeff Gilder

On behalf of The Golf Director as a “semi-official” amateur voice, and speaking for other amateurs, I’d like to broach a subject that has been bugging me for a while. I’ve noticed that most teaching pros (that I have met) attempt to teach amateurs as if they already posses many of the skills, habits, and “swing memory” of the pros. I’m going to address one example in this blog. I mean absolutely no disrespect to our teaching pros, merely a tip for you to consider. (more…)

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