Best Deals for Fall Golf in Myrtle Beach – East Coast Golf Management

Best Deals for Fall Golf in Myrtle Beach – East Coast Golf Management

We have folks asking us all the time how to find the best deals for golf in Myrtle Beach. Now that fall golf season is upon us, rates are creeping up and finding the deals gets tougher. East Coast Golf Management (ECGM) has put together some great packages for this season. With a growing selection of courses in their program, it’s really hard to beat their selection, quality, and value. There are several multi-round deals that include lunch, beverages, and even gift cards. You can browse their deals and courses HERE, and decide where you want to play, choose some centralized accommodations, and put together some.

In ECGM’s lineup you can play:
Beachwood Golf Club , North Myrtle Beach, SC
Black Bear Golf Club, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Brick Landing Plantation , Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Brunswick Plantation, Calabash, NC
Burning Ridge Golf Club, Myrtle Beach, SC
Cape Fear National, Leland, NC
Carolina National Golf Club , Bolivia, NC
Crow Creek Golf Club, Calabash, NC
Diamond Back Golf Club, Loris, SC
Eagle Nest Golf Club, Little River, SC
Indian Wells Golf Club, Garden City, SC
Jefferson Landing on the New River, Jefferson, NC
Lockwood Folly, Holden Beach, NC
Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club, Sunset Beach, NC
Sea Trail Golf Resort, Sunset Beach, NC
The Founders Club at Pawleys Island, Pawleys Island, SC
The Pearl Golf Links – East Course, Calabash, NC
The Pearl Golf Links – West Course , Calabash, NC
Wildwood Green, Raleigh, NC

You’ll notice ECGM has added some courses outside the Grand Strand area. Courses in Raleigh, Jefferson,  Bolivia, and Leland, NC in the list. Actually the courses of Cape Fear National in Leland, and Carolina National in Bolivia are easily playable with a Myrtle Beach package. These courses are only 45 or so minutes from Myrtle and an easy drive. Both are spectacular courses! For those driving into Myrtle from the north any of these courses would make a great inbound stop and play option.

The ECGM group of courses includes some of the finest golf courses on the entire East Coast. There are tight and challenging courses as well as those with wide open grip -it and rip it fairways. There are bent grass greens and dwarf bermuda greens…even paspalum greens. For a combination of scenery, fun, quality, challenge, and value, we very proudly recommend ECGM and their family of golf course partners. To learn more about the individual courses visit our “Featured Course” page HERE, or go to the ECGM website at If you would like to assist with your fall golf and accommodations needs, or answer any questions, give us a call at 844.GoGolf1 (844.464.6531). Or if you would rather chat, just click the help desk at the bottom right of this page. If we’re offline, we’ll still get your message and return to you  quickly. Thanks very much for visiting The Golf Director! To read more about Myrtle Beach Fall Golf Packages click HERE.

Summer Tourism Up – Helping Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Summer Tourism Up – Helping Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

The traffic along the Grand Strand would indicate summer tourism is certainly rebounding and Myrtle Beach golf courses seem to be benefiting better than years past. It’s too early, at the time of this writing, to quote any “official” reports with actual results, so this is a “personal” observation coming from first hand experience and speaking with some of the area pros. Having lived  in the area since 2001, I’ve played my share of summer golf. That is the time, along with winter, that locals can find great rates and less crowded conditions. While afternoons have certainly been less crowded, we’ve experienced some really busy mornings with full tee sheets on a number of area golf courses.

While some courses are seeing morning rounds similar to peak seasons, those results are not shared by all. It makes sense that courses closer to the center of tourism in Myrtle Beach would get more traffic than those in outlying areas. That’s what we see in peak seasons as well. The thing that is always puzzling to me is how certain courses are considered “out there” and seem to justify slower play being the result of their proximity to the hub of accommodations. Others “further out there” manage to not be affected so much by their location. It does make a huge difference for courses located in or near housing developments, especially if there’s an active membership.  I know that’s an obvious observation, but bears mention.

Regardless of all the geographic differences and golf course idiosyncrasies, it’s great to see more folks on the courses taking advantage of summer rates. We, here at have urged our golf course partners to put more emphasis on 9 hole rounds. It makes perfect sense, with today’s busy households, 9 hole rounds have a special place in summer season. We’re glad to see some of the courses stepping up their promotion of 9 hole rounds. Another great feature we see more in summer than peak season is the advantage given to juniors. Many courses have adopted the “Juniors Play Free” with a paying adult. Others have discounted junior rates. Some restrict the time of day when juniors can play free.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the area, take advantage of the great rates still available for the summer season. If you don’t have room to bring your clubs along with the family luggage, there are plenty of rental clubs available at most Myrtle Beach golf courses. If you’re planning a fall or spring golf trip let Dave Walker here at help you with your bookings and accomodations.  Dave has years of experience on this side of the golf business and can get you the best rates available. Click HERE to look at some of Dave’s packages. If you want a custom package…Dave loves those!



What is the Best Deal on Fall Myrtle Beach Golf Packages?

What is the Best Deal on Fall Myrtle Beach Golf Packages?

Fall golf season is just around the corner and everyone is looking for the best deal on Myrtle Beach golf packages. The best news yet, is the weather has been great for golf course conditions and this Fall is going to be an exceptional season for golfers. As golf courses continue to rebound from the tough times brought on by the recession, prices are still low compared to the quality of golf offered. Even though Myrtle Beach is becoming a year round tourist attraction, the Fall crowds aren’t nearly as heavy as Summer. Getting a great place to stay close to all the amenities is relatively easy compared to Summer.

The larger your group, the earlier you need to be making plans. As economic conditions continue to improve getting last minute tee times for more than a foursome are getting progressively harder during season. Lately we’ve seen more and more golfers waiting to the last minute…because during the slower recessionary times it was possible to do so. Our fear is that practice is going to create problems as course play increases. You may end up having to split up your group or play later than your desired plans. So, please do not wait any longer than absolutely necessary.

Another trend we see developing is the number of smaller groups who set up their accommodations and shop for tee times after they arrive. I suppose we’ve created that situation with all the 48 hour rates that have developed. As mentioned earlier, the larger the group, the tougher it is to keep them together last minute. Courses just can’t fill in holes without often splitting up the groups.  But, for those who like this practice, we (at have established a large database of  48 hour rates, and have set up our systems to accommodate players who like the practice.

Weather permitting we expect this Fall season to be the best we’ve seen in the past few years. It is by far our favorite.  The Spring season was affected by a tougher than normal winter in out-of-market areas and lots of rainy days here at the beach. Late February and March used to be really strong periods, but when folks can’t get out of their driveways, golf becomes a lower priority. We know that many groups put off their Spring trips until Fall, and that’s one of the reasons we feel like this is going to be a good one.

There are plenty of great deals on Fall Myrtle Beach golf packages still out there. But, don’t wait too long to make your plans. You may be disappointed in tee time availability when you wait to the last minute. We, here at would like to earn you golf vacation and last minute tee time business. We have a dedicated veteran staff to answer all your questions and help you plan your trip to the beach.  Whether yours is a large or small group, we’ll work extra hard to make sure you have a better than awesome golfing experience. You can always chat with us online, call us toll free at 844.GoGolf1 (844.464.6531), or reach out to us through our Contact Form. To see some our great Myrtle Beach golf packages Click HERE. If you would like a custom quote, let us know. We’ll create a golf experience just for you!.

Myrtle Beach Discount Golf

Myrtle Beach Discount Golf

No one in Myrtle Beach likes to talk about discount golf. Most try to avoid using that “D” word. But, let’s face it we’re gofers and we want the best deals we can get even if we are playing on some of the most premium course conditions anywhere. You can’t blame us for that! We fully understand the challenges (believe it or not) the courses face in providing us a great golfing experience. We just want to know we didn’t pay too much…or perhaps better said, more than we have to.

Lately it seems like the the competition for play among the courses has become a competition for the best gimmick….to attract play. The quest for a great golf experience shouldn’t be affected by the gimmicks. Golf value shouldn’t be judged by the giveaways. But, free drinks, free lunches, golf balls, gift cards, and free rounds have become the norm. What’s next? Free room and board? How long can the courses keep giving away the profit for more rounds played?

Then there are some courses…we won’t mention any names (CoughCrowCreek!) who just offer straight up great golf for a fair price and they rock, even right through the summer slow season. Another course that we’ve been trying to get a Saturday morning tee time for the past 2 months is (CoughSandpiperBay!) and the deal is pretty much the same. Great golf+ Great conditions+Fair prices= Busy Courses. We could go on…without mentioning any names (CoughWorldTour) but there are plenty of courses in the area making a statement that their course value stands tall and they continue to be steadfast in leaning on reputation, course conditions, and customer services to attract new and repeat play.  Perhaps it doesn’t hurt that hese unmentioned courses are among the growing list of golf partners. Hmmm, do you think that could help? We hope so. That is the intent. Our golf partners get to appear on TGD Radio and TGD TV each month to give players the latest news about their courses.

When it comes to “non- discount” golf (tongue-in-cheek), perhaps the best “non-discount” entity out there is the Platinum Membership Card by East Coast Golf Management. These folks have over 20 courses now, and for the price of their “non-discount” membership card, players get two free rounds, play 4 get the 5th free, and near-half price deals at participating courses. Let’s set the record straight, though….they are not a discount golf card. Apparently that “D” word is a bad one in the industry and East Coast does not want their card to referred to as such. We, alrighty then. It’s a membership card. Have it your way! But it’s a helluva great deal!

So, if you’re looking for Myrtle Beach discount golf, it’s out there. There are also some great courses out there offering great golf for fair prices you should consider as well. While you’re at it, check out the last minute tee times and golf vacation deals right here at TheGolf We get the best prices available from all the courses and pass along the savings to you. We also throw in all the free stuff from those courses who offer it. And you can’t beat our customer service! Click HERE for details. Our friendly staff is always a chat, email, or phone call away.


The Myrtle Beach Golf App

The Myrtle Beach Golf App

As a self-proclaimed “digital junkie”, I love seeing folks rise to the occasion, especially when it involves new technology like the Myrtle Beach Golf App. The team at Himmelsbach Communications have certainly risen to the occasion, and have gone straight to the top in my opinion. The Myrtle Beach Golf App is a perfect tool for golfers interested in our area. With information about accommodations, restaurants, and nightlife along with the ability to find and book tee times, this app is “must download”. Did I mention it’s FREE!

In addition to being a great deal for golfers, this platform is a great place for any business in the area to advertise. In today’s search driven world, being found is crucial. If your business caters to the golf industry and you are on this app, you will be found. I think the downloads for this app will be huge as the word spreads and  new features and content are added.

The timing for this platform is perfect. Our local golf industry needs to reach new visitors as well as re-engage current and former visitors. Smart device usage is growing at an astounding rate. Even geezers like myself have them…and use them religiously.  Five years ago, few expected this technology to be adopted so universally across the age groups.  Beginning ten years ago, much of corporate America turned its back on us old pharts, yielding to the younger more tech savvy bunch for their targeted marketing. Well, we’ve shown them a thing or too. We ‘re not only savvy enough to google with the best of the youngsters, collectively we have many times their buying power. It’s about time everyone realized the the importance of digital communications and marketing…and that almost no one is excepted. To read more about smart device usage CLICK HERE.

Being  touted as the Seaside Golf Capital of the World isn’t enough for our area to remain as a top golf destination. Competition for golfers is fierce in an era when the U.S. golf course industry has built beyond current demand. The key to gaining ground on other areas is to out-market them. That doesn’t necessarily mean out-spend them. We’ve all heard the old saying, “Work smarter not harder.” We need to market smarter. Here along the Grand Strand we (the local golf industry) are sitting on potentially the most dynamic golf marketing power in the world. It is time to capitalize on our collective power. Hat’s off to Himmelsbach communications for once again taking the lead!

To learn more about the Myrtle Beach Golf App and to get you FREE download go to

Wild Wing Cafe Partners with for Coverage of The Majors – The Masters Championship

Wild Wing Cafe Partners with for Coverage of The Majors – The Masters Championship

Wild Wing Cafe at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach has teamed up with to deliver a series of live remote broadcasts during The Masters. TGD Radio show Coverage of the Majors hosts George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III, along with several guests, will broadcast live from Wild Wing Cafe Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons delivering their play-by-play, analysis, and commentary during the 2014 Masters Tournament from Augusta National.

This remote broadcast is a first for TGD Radio although the production company, Zeus Radio Network, that produces and streams their broadcasts, has produced live radio and TV broadcasts (via the web) since 2008 for The Golf Director’s sister networks and  With support from Lucky Dog Television, produced and broadcast the first ever live flag-to-flag, multi-camera coverage (via the internet) of a stock race at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway July 18, 2008 streaming it from their website. An online audience of thousands watched Geoff Bodine battle for the win against stars like Sterling Marlin, Harry Gant, Jack Ingram, Dave Marcis, Lake Speed, and Joe Ruttman in the Old School Shootout. has broadcast a number of live short track races throughout the Southeast on RacersReunion Radio as well as live broadcast from events such as Carlisle, PA’s amazing collector car shows.

This is not the only live remote coverage during Masters week by TGD Radio. Golf Connections with Mitch Laurance will be in Augusta Tuesday and Wednesday and will broadcast an interview with long-time Masters photographer, Frank Christian Tuesday afternoon.  Mitch interviewed Christian as part of his A Month of Masters presented by East Coast Golf Management and barely scratched the surface with this gentleman whose roots run deep into Augusta National history.

It has been just over one year since launched and aired its first program. During the first year the multi-media interactive network reached 161 countries all 50 United States, and over 20,000 cities creating over 1 million unique interactions. The network is dedicated to promoting the game of golf in various locations beginning at home in Myrtle Beach, SC. New for 2014 is launching a golf vacation portal. This Spring has been spent creating relationships with various courses and accommodations to ultimately offer another a unique resource for reaching and bringing new golfers to the Grand Strand.

Look for more new developments at as this year unfolds. The company recently moved into a larger facility in North Myrtle Beach that includes more office space, expanded radio broadcast capabilities, and a TV studio.

For more information about title sponosr Wild Wing Cafe at Barefoot Landing go to‎. For information about associate sponsor Myrtle Beach Trips, visit their site at

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