The Myrtle Beach Golf App

The Myrtle Beach Golf App

As a self-proclaimed “digital junkie”, I love seeing folks rise to the occasion, especially when it involves new technology like the Myrtle Beach Golf App. The team at Himmelsbach Communications have certainly risen to the occasion, and have gone straight to the top in my opinion. The Myrtle Beach Golf App is a perfect tool for golfers interested in our area. With information about accommodations, restaurants, and nightlife along with the ability to find and book tee times, this app is “must download”. Did I mention it’s FREE!

In addition to being a great deal for golfers, this platform is a great place for any business in the area to advertise. In today’s search driven world, being found is crucial. If your business caters to the golf industry and you are on this app, you will be found. I think the downloads for this app will be huge as the word spreads and  new features and content are added.

The timing for this platform is perfect. Our local golf industry needs to reach new visitors as well as re-engage current and former visitors. Smart device usage is growing at an astounding rate. Even geezers like myself have them…and use them religiously.  Five years ago, few expected this technology to be adopted so universally across the age groups.  Beginning ten years ago, much of corporate America turned its back on us old pharts, yielding to the younger more tech savvy bunch for their targeted marketing. Well, we’ve shown them a thing or too. We ‘re not only savvy enough to google with the best of the youngsters, collectively we have many times their buying power. It’s about time everyone realized the the importance of digital communications and marketing…and that almost no one is excepted. To read more about smart device usage CLICK HERE.

Being  touted as the Seaside Golf Capital of the World isn’t enough for our area to remain as a top golf destination. Competition for golfers is fierce in an era when the U.S. golf course industry has built beyond current demand. The key to gaining ground on other areas is to out-market them. That doesn’t necessarily mean out-spend them. We’ve all heard the old saying, “Work smarter not harder.” We need to market smarter. Here along the Grand Strand we (the local golf industry) are sitting on potentially the most dynamic golf marketing power in the world. It is time to capitalize on our collective power. Hat’s off to Himmelsbach communications for once again taking the lead!

To learn more about the Myrtle Beach Golf App and to get you FREE download go to

Wild Wing Cafe Partners with for Coverage of The Majors – The Masters Championship

Wild Wing Cafe Partners with for Coverage of The Majors – The Masters Championship

Wild Wing Cafe at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach has teamed up with to deliver a series of live remote broadcasts during The Masters. TGD Radio show Coverage of the Majors hosts George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III, along with several guests, will broadcast live from Wild Wing Cafe Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons delivering their play-by-play, analysis, and commentary during the 2014 Masters Tournament from Augusta National.

This remote broadcast is a first for TGD Radio although the production company, Zeus Radio Network, that produces and streams their broadcasts, has produced live radio and TV broadcasts (via the web) since 2008 for The Golf Director’s sister networks and  With support from Lucky Dog Television, produced and broadcast the first ever live flag-to-flag, multi-camera coverage (via the internet) of a stock race at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway July 18, 2008 streaming it from their website. An online audience of thousands watched Geoff Bodine battle for the win against stars like Sterling Marlin, Harry Gant, Jack Ingram, Dave Marcis, Lake Speed, and Joe Ruttman in the Old School Shootout. has broadcast a number of live short track races throughout the Southeast on RacersReunion Radio as well as live broadcast from events such as Carlisle, PA’s amazing collector car shows.

This is not the only live remote coverage during Masters week by TGD Radio. Golf Connections with Mitch Laurance will be in Augusta Tuesday and Wednesday and will broadcast an interview with long-time Masters photographer, Frank Christian Tuesday afternoon.  Mitch interviewed Christian as part of his A Month of Masters presented by East Coast Golf Management and barely scratched the surface with this gentleman whose roots run deep into Augusta National history.

It has been just over one year since launched and aired its first program. During the first year the multi-media interactive network reached 161 countries all 50 United States, and over 20,000 cities creating over 1 million unique interactions. The network is dedicated to promoting the game of golf in various locations beginning at home in Myrtle Beach, SC. New for 2014 is launching a golf vacation portal. This Spring has been spent creating relationships with various courses and accommodations to ultimately offer another a unique resource for reaching and bringing new golfers to the Grand Strand.

Look for more new developments at as this year unfolds. The company recently moved into a larger facility in North Myrtle Beach that includes more office space, expanded radio broadcast capabilities, and a TV studio.

For more information about title sponosr Wild Wing Cafe at Barefoot Landing go to‎. For information about associate sponsor Myrtle Beach Trips, visit their site at

East Coast Golf Sponsors A Month of Masters on Golf Connections

East Coast Golf Sponsors A Month of Masters on Golf Connections

Myrtle Beach based East Coast Golf Management stepped up to become title sponsor for Mitch Laurance’s “A Month of Master” on Golf Connections. Leading up to this year’s Augusta Championship, TGD Radio host, Mitch Laurance has lined up a stellar series of interviews with iconic figures in The Masters rich history. The series began on March 3rd and will air a new episode each Monday and Thursday leading up to the second week of April. After the live airing, show will be placed into a replay schedule and added to the TGD Radio podcast library for listen on-demand. Included in the series are Frank Christian, Dottie Pepper, Ben Wright, Geoff Shacklefor,  Peter Alliss, John Derr, John Patrick, Fluff Cowan, and Billy Casper.

East-Coast-Logo-(2013)---PNEast Coast Golf Management consists of a group of golf industry experts uniquely qualified in facilities operations. The team is staffed with resort accommodation managers, PGA head golf professionals, PGA directors of golf and general managers, project managers and golf business owners and provides leadership that ensures maximum performance of client’s assets. In addition to offering course management and services the company markets the Platinum Golf Membership program offering players great golf values, while driving rounds at associate courses. East Coast Golf Management is one of the fastest growing companies of it’s kind in the industry. Learn more about them by visiting their website at

Mitch Laurance has been the voice (and image) of golf in the Myrtle Beach area going on three decades. His career in acting, directing, and television and radio broadcasting has allowed Mitch to make some great connections in the game of golf. He shares his love of the game, his friends, and his perspective on Golf Connections With Mitch Laurance as a regular episode on’s TGD Radio. The idea for “A Month of Masters” came as he and the broadcast team considered programming to lead up to this year’s Masters Championship. East Coast Golf Management came on a title sponsor on short notice recognizing the potential impact such a series.  To hear more of Golf Connections episodes go to the TGD Radio Podcast library or CLICK HERE.

In addition to” A Month of Masters” Presented by East Coast Golf Management, TGD Radio will also bring back  the popular “Coverage of the Majors” series this year beginning with The Masters Championship. Hosts George Honecutt, Hugh Royer III, and guest will provide commentary building up to the tournament as well as live coverage during the four days of The Masters.


Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach – Sam Snead’s Oak Grill and Tavern

Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach – Sam Snead’s Oak Grill and Tavern

Hey folks, I just learned about a Thanksgiving Day special at Sam Snead;s Oak Grill and Tavern in Myrtle Beach and wanted to share. Since moving here to paradise in the summer of 2001, I’ve noticed more and more folks visiting Myrtle Beach for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. After all, what’s not to like. The weather is usually awesome, the golf courses are green, the shopping is always great, and there are an abundance of great places to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

Back near my hometown in Tennessee, holidays (especially Thanksgiving) normally meant most of the restaurants were closed because most families were together celebrating. Not the case in normally sunny, Myrtle Beach, SC. With all the attraction here for tourist it has become a great place to spend the holidays. And as a resident,  I kind of like that. Not only because I know its helping to fuel our local economy, but because I like seeing folks enjoying themselves when I’m out and about on the holidays. I remember how lonely the small towns back home were, and I do prefer the bustling holiday activity.

We (Zeus and TGD) have recently developed a relationship with one of our area’s newest restaurants, Sam Snead’s Oak Grill and Tavern. Several year’s ago the area had a Sam Snead’s restaurant and we hated to see it go, so having this new restaurant open up was a welcomed event. The locals and visitors alike have adopted Snead’s as a regular hang out. After all, upon arrival you’ll be treated to an awesome lunch and dinner menu, great service, and be part of the unique ambiance created by a surrounding of one of the most amazing golf memorabilia collections anywhere…a perfect fit for the Golf Capital of the World.

Sam Snead’s Myrtle Beach has just announced an incredible Thanksgiving special. So, whether you’re a local or visiting paradise for Thanksgiving, you’ll want to check out this new establishment and this three course delight that combines some traditional Thanksgiving items as well as some of their own classic recipes. And hey, this coupld be just the  push you needed to decide to enjoy Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach. How could you go wrong?

We always try to help our clients and associates get the word out about their business and it has been my pleasure to share with you this news about the Thanksgiving Day Special at Sam Snead’s Oak Grill and Tavern in Myrtle Beach, SC. So come on to paradise, bring your friends and family and join me an many others for this treat. Get more details by following this link.


Myrtle Beach Golf in the Fall

Myrtle Beach Golf in the Fall

Every year that I have the opportunity to play Myrtle Beach golf in the Fall, I’m reminded why I live here. To me, this is the best season of the year. Yes, it’s a close toss up with Spring, but Fall wins. Perhaps I’ll voice another opinion in Spring, but it’s Fall now and Myrtle Beach is absolutely perfect.

Fortunately I’ve been able to play a lot of golf (for me) this year. Beginning with my first round of the year in February at Oyster Bay, when it was 38 degrees when we teed of (yes, I remember perfectly) I think I’ve played about 25 times so far this year. That was a two-glove first round. Glad I hung onto the winter gloves.  I expect to get in at least another 15 rounds…maybe more before year end. The greatest benefit to living here is that we can play all year…on green grass for the most part. The day we played Oyster Bay back in February, the temp rose to over 50 degrees by the end of the round. Funny…back in Tennessee my son and I waited out the frost delay many times and played when the temperature never got above 40. I admit, I’ve turned into a bit of a “fair weather” player since moving here in 2001. I will play  the cool days, but prefer 60 degrees or above. Hey, who wants to wear all those clothes?

The rye grass over-seeding preparation / process began over the past couple of weeks for most courses. As the Bermuda rough goes dormant, those rye grass fairways will turn into a beautiful rich green color showing the mowing stripes better than ever. Some courses over-seed the greens, some do not. Some even pain the greens. It seems we hear more and more proponents of painting the Bermuda hybrids rather than over-seeding them lately. Some say it is healthier for the greens and certainly less expensive. The few courses (here at the beach)  that still have bent grass are welcoming the cooler weather as those beautiful bent greens recover from the summer heat.

We’re in the peak Fall golf season right now, and the courses are pretty busy. There’s still plenty of daylight, so afternoon eighteen hole rounds are still easy if you start by 2 o’clock. Some of us can still get in eighteen after 3 o’clock. Yup, I like to play fairly fast. I play quite a few tournaments and scrambles that are more of a social happening than a serious game. So having endured several of those this year, I’m ready for some serious golf! Play it down, putt it out, count ’em all.

So, come join us for some great Myrtle Beach golf in the Fall. Pick yourself up a Platinum Golf  Discount Card HERE, save some money…or just place twice as much for the same money.  Let me know when you’re in town, we’ll go hit ’em. You can book your tee time right here on TGD. To book a tee time anywhere in the world CLICK HERE.

Be sure to go to our Radio podcast archives at TGD Radio to read and listen to the latest updates from our featured courses.

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