Eagle Nest Golf Course – Little River, SC Gem

Eagle Nest Golf Course – Little River, SC Gem

I had the opportunity to play my second round at Eagle Nest golf course in Little River, SC yesterday. I played with my son, Dustin and Eagle Nest golf professional, Ethan Leyshon. Dustin and I had played the course earlier in the year and I remember saying, “I can’t believe we have not played here before.” The course is fun and very playable, and can be challenging from the tips…as we learned yesterday. No, I normally do not play any course from the tips. My game does not warrant such an attempt. I merely went along with the group.

Eagle Nest Golf CourseThe Scenery

The first thing noticeable about Eagle Nest golf course is the unique scenery. The course, having been built prior to some (otherwise) preventive regulatory actions, is woven through the low country terrain among cypress filled Carolina Bays. Rather than trying to educate those unfamiliar with Carolina Bays, we’ve provided a link to Wikipedia HERE. It is doubtful that a course could be built today in such close proximity to these natural phenomena. The course has been accented with the handiwork of Mr. Bill DeWitt, a 30+ year employee of Eagle Nest, and the recent  recipient of the 2014 Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Association’s Employee of the Year award. The land contains a greenhouse, plant nursery, two-acre vegetable garden, a multitude of flower and plant beds, numerous grape vines, pear trees, plum trees, fig trees, etc. Mr. DeWitt still works at the property at the age of 83.  “It’s a unique property,” course superintendent Mark Duzenski (in a recent Sun News story) said. “It’s not just golf, that’s for sure.”

Eagle Nest Golf Course Conditions

Eagle Nest Golf CourseCourse conditions at Eagle Nest were outstanding. The greens were rolling very fast and extremely smooth, the bunkers (yes, I found a couple) were well manicured with plenty of sand. They recently overseeded the fairways with rye, and it was already beginning to sprout. The bermuda is still green, but will become dormant over the next few weeks leaving the lush green rye grass for the balance of fall, winter, and early spring seasons.

I want to emphasize in this blog, just how good the greens were.  Although we didn’t measure, I would say they would have measured in the 11 1/2 to 12 ‘ range on the stimpmeter. Earlier this year (back in summer) Eagle Nest struggled a bit with their greens, and they’ve recovered beautifully! This is a great place to practice and improve your putting skills. These greens are incredibly smooth with lots of undulation.

Eagle Nest Golf course does not get enough praise. These folks do a heck of a good job providing fun golf at an incredible value. Right now during peak season, the walk-in rate is just over $50. There are always deals available as well, such as their participation in the Platinum Membership Card by East Coast Golf management. I would personally recommend including this course in your next golf vacation. And, if you’re a local and haven’t been to Eagle Nest recently, get there. You’ll be glad you did. To book your rounds at Eagle Nest, you can go directly to their site at http://EagleNestGolf.com, or give us a call here at The Golf Director at 844.GoGolf1 (844.646.6531)



Best Myrtle Beach Golf Package – PGA 5

Best Myrtle Beach Golf Package – PGA 5

Rivers Edge Golf Club is part of the PGA 5 Myrtle Beach Golf Package

Rivers Edge is part of the PGA 5

Everyone is searching for the best Myrtle Beach golf package for the fall 2014 and spring 2015 seasons. Standing tall above the rest is the PGA 5 Package by East Coast Golf Management (ECGM). Many are calling this the best 5 round package on the entire east coast! This year’s enhancement to the PGA 5 is the addition of a $150 gift card. The card can be redeemed for food, beverages, merchandise, and additional rounds.

Myrtle Beach Golf Package Courses

The combination of golf courses that participate in the PGA 5 offer golfers choices that fit every budget. The course list includes Azalea Sands, Beachwood, Black Bear, Brick Landing, Burning Ridge, Brunswick Plantation, Cape Fear National, Carolina National, Colonial Charters, Crow Creek,  Eagle Nest, Founders Club of Pawleys Island, Heron Point, Indian Wells, Indigo Creek, Lockwood Folly, Pearl East, Pearl West, River Oaks, Rivers Edge, and Sandpiper Bay. There’s a lot of great golf included in this list!

The courses are in pristine shape for the fall season. We’re getting reports from lots ofMyrtle Beach Golf Package players claiming some courses are the best they ever been. The Godfather (George Honeycutt), host of several of our radio and TV shows has a Saturday group that played Rivers Edge this past weekend, and reported the paspalum greens there were spectacular. By the way, Rivers Edge is on the PGA 5 Package. If you’ve never played this course, make plans now to do so. It’s an Arnold Palmer design that is gorgeous and challenging at any level.

The fall and spring are our peak seasons for  a Myrtle Beach Golf Package here along the Grand Strand, and this year, it seems tee sheets are filling up earlier than in the past couple of years. During and just after the Great Recession, golf play slumped, and golfers could wait until the last minute and still get decent tee times. The slow times also meant courses were offering cheaper last minute deals, and who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that? This is certainly not the case now. Waiting until the last minute now may cost you more money, as a growing number of the courses are utilizing a yield management process that allows them to adjust round rates according to play by the hour. As the tee sheets fill up, rates will increase, so book early to reserve your rounds!

The PGA 5 Package will be available for the spring season if fall is not in the cards for you. You can bet it will still be up there in the running for the best spring Myrtle Beach golf package. For more information about this and other packages visit The Golf Director package page HERE. To read other articles about the PGA 5 click HERE. If you need help with your next golf vacation give us a call here at The Golf Director at 844.GoGolf1 (844-464-6531), or just click on the help desk at the bottom right of this page….or visit our Myrtle Beach golf packages information page.

Fine Dining In Myrtle Beach – Golfers Return To The Library Restaurant Year After Year

Fine Dining In Myrtle Beach – Golfers Return To The Library Restaurant Year After Year

The Library RestaurantSearching For Fine Dining in Myrtle Beach can often generate a variety of results. Not every ad for a fine dining establishment is true to the cause. It has become much too common to associate the term with an otherwise casual restaurant. Generally speaking, golfers will typically choose casual over fine dining, but over the years The Library Restaurant continues to attract those who are looking for an ultimate dining experience.

Wandering into The Library just after a round of golf is probably not the best idea. There is a strict dress code, and golf attire….is not exactly acceptable. It is always a good idea for first-time visitors to do a little homework and planning by visiting the The Library Restaurant website  to check out the menu, dress code, and by all means, make a reservation. If you want the best, please allow the staff to prepare for your visit ahead of time.

Over the past several years, Myrtle Beach has become known as the Seaside Golf Capital of the World. A nationally slow golf market, the recent recession, and an over-abundance of golf courses in the area created stiff competition for available rounds and subsequently lowered the prices for rounds…and ultimately golf course profitability. As the result many of the area’s courses are struggling, but golfers have been the big winners, getting great value for their golfing dollars. The slow golf economy has not affected The Library Restaurant. Those golfers who know the value of fine dining continue to patronize the establishment.

Regardless of the state of the golf economy, the area’s courses are still among the most pristine. Foreign investors are looking intently at the area, and most recently, Chinese investors have purchased several of the struggling courses. The influx of new money is a relief for the affected courses, and should help to attract more national and international golfers to the area, after all, myrtle Beach has a lot to offer golf vacationers.

Whether golfers are looking for sports bars or fine dining, Myrtle Beach can accommodate.  Often the finer restaurants have relied on word of mouth referrals and repeat customers rather than making an attempt to compete against the hundreds of casual restaurants for the golfer’s business. Fine dining may be an exception to the norm for golfer patronage, but for those who seek that experience, The Library delivers year after year.  To keep up with the fine dining scene in Myrtle beach and to read a recent article about The Library Restaurant, visit http://finediningmyrtlebeach.com.


Chinese Investors Purchasing a Number of Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Chinese Investors Purchasing a Number of Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Over the past several months Chinese investors have been buying Myrtle Beach golf courses, and there are rumors that more will follow. Thus far,the three courses at Sea Trail Resort in Sunset Beach, NC,  Black Bear Golf Club in Longs, SC, , Crown Park Golf Club in Longs, Burning Ridge in Conway, Indian Wells in Garden City, and The Founders Club in Pawleys Island, SC have reportedly sold, or are in the process of being sold. In each case, it is initially apparent the new owners intend to keep the courses open.

Many courses in the area have struggled over the past few years due to a (nationally) weak golf economy and the most recent blow delivered by the recession. As everyone associated with the game focuses to create new and renew old interest, areas like Myrtle Beach that may have overbuilt during the good times face competitive pressures that have lowered revenues and in some cases increased costs. Those circumstances have some owners looking for any sort of higher and better use for the property. The area’s John Daly Signature course, Wicked Stick has been reportedly listed for sale, and has a potential buyer (reported by the Sun News) who would use the property for residential and/or commercial development.

The Myrtle Beach golf industry has seen better times , but has potential to rebound as the nation’s overall economy improves and consumer confidence helps spur discretionary spending. The area stacks up well against other golf destinations with an abundance of golf course variety, virtually limitless accommodations, restaurants, attractions, entertainment, and…the beach, of course. The golf industry in general has bigger issues. Time has become one of golf’s toughest challenges, and has forward-thinking course owners creating shorter round offerings such as three, six, nine, and twelve hole programs. Some say the expense to “gear up” and play the game is also one of its biggest challenges. Others add the game’s difficulty as a hurdle. The good news…all this has the attention of the entire golf industry.

One of the most positive moves in recent history was the addition of the Drive, Chip, and Putt youth event at this year’s Masters. The interest from young golfers and their parents skyrocketed after this event. Getting more youth involved in the game is a huge benefit, but retention is still the biggest challenge. Finding solutions for retaining golfers during their family and career building years will require a significant creative effort.

Myrtle Beach, and its solid tourism industry, should prove to benefit area courses most as international interest in American golf rises. The obvious solution for Myrtle Beach is to grow its market share while the overall golf industry sorts through all the challenges it faces in the coming years. Collectively, the courses in Myrtle Beach along with all the associated businesses and marketing organizations, have a global marketing advantage if the right synergy can be accomplished. The recent golf course purchases by Chinese investors is proof the international interest is there. More international play should follow.


Best Deals for Fall Golf in Myrtle Beach – East Coast Golf Management

Best Deals for Fall Golf in Myrtle Beach – East Coast Golf Management

We have folks asking us all the time how to find the best deals for golf in Myrtle Beach. Now that fall golf season is upon us, rates are creeping up and finding the deals gets tougher. East Coast Golf Management (ECGM) has put together some great packages for this season. With a growing selection of courses in their program, it’s really hard to beat their selection, quality, and value. There are several multi-round deals that include lunch, beverages, and even gift cards. You can browse their deals and courses HERE, and decide where you want to play, choose some centralized accommodations, and put together some.

In ECGM’s lineup you can play:
Beachwood Golf Club , North Myrtle Beach, SC
Black Bear Golf Club, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Brick Landing Plantation , Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Brunswick Plantation, Calabash, NC
Burning Ridge Golf Club, Myrtle Beach, SC
Cape Fear National, Leland, NC
Carolina National Golf Club , Bolivia, NC
Crow Creek Golf Club, Calabash, NC
Diamond Back Golf Club, Loris, SC
Eagle Nest Golf Club, Little River, SC
Indian Wells Golf Club, Garden City, SC
Jefferson Landing on the New River, Jefferson, NC
Lockwood Folly, Holden Beach, NC
Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club, Sunset Beach, NC
Sea Trail Golf Resort, Sunset Beach, NC
The Founders Club at Pawleys Island, Pawleys Island, SC
The Pearl Golf Links – East Course, Calabash, NC
The Pearl Golf Links – West Course , Calabash, NC
Wildwood Green, Raleigh, NC

You’ll notice ECGM has added some courses outside the Grand Strand area. Courses in Raleigh, Jefferson,  Bolivia, and Leland, NC in the list. Actually the courses of Cape Fear National in Leland, and Carolina National in Bolivia are easily playable with a Myrtle Beach package. These courses are only 45 or so minutes from Myrtle and an easy drive. Both are spectacular courses! For those driving into Myrtle from the north any of these courses would make a great inbound stop and play option.

The ECGM group of courses includes some of the finest golf courses on the entire East Coast. There are tight and challenging courses as well as those with wide open grip -it and rip it fairways. There are bent grass greens and dwarf bermuda greens…even paspalum greens. For a combination of scenery, fun, quality, challenge, and value, we very proudly recommend ECGM and their family of golf course partners. To learn more about the individual courses visit our “Featured Course” page HERE, or go to the ECGM website at http://eastcoastgolfmanagement.com. If you would like TheGolfDirecto.com to assist with your fall golf and accommodations needs, or answer any questions, give us a call at 844.GoGolf1 (844.464.6531). Or if you would rather chat, just click the help desk at the bottom right of this page. If we’re offline, we’ll still get your message and return to you  quickly. Thanks very much for visiting The Golf Director! To read more about Myrtle Beach Fall Golf Packages click HERE.

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