The makers of Golfalyzer, personal golf gift breathalyzer, will be debuting a brand new product at their booth a the 19th hole for the 2013 World Amateur Handicap Championship. Their new product is called BAC-Home. BAC, of course stands  for “blood alcohol content” and BAC-Home also plays on the inference of “returning home” safely after consuming alcohol. BAC-Home is yet another personal breathalyzer.

The buzz around Golflayzer (no pun intended) lead the co-founders, Brent Pauley and Chuck Stump to the realization that non-golfers may miss the opportunity to obtain their personal breathalyzer simply due to the golf branding. Thus, the idea for BAC-Home was born and is intended to be marketed to anyone as a gift and or useful tool.

The intent with Golfalyzer and BAC-Home is to make social athletes (and anyone else who might consume alcohol) to learn exactly what  their buzzed feeling equates to in terms of blood alcohol content. Most people do not have the opportunity to check their BAC, unless they are in the presence of a low officer…standing in the glow of flashing blue lights. Most are surprised that they may have been driving in an over-the-limit condition an compromised sobriety.

The current .08 BAC limit is, according to many, much to liberal. There is consideration by lawmakers to lower that limit to .05. Golflayzer co-founder, Chuck Stump says he definitely agrees that the legal limit should be lowered. “Since I’ve become familiar with my sobriety via Goflayzer, I know I’m impaired at .06,” says Stump. “There is now doubt the roads would be safer if the limit was lowered to .05.”

The use of the original Golfalyzer  product was two-fold. Users have a lot of fun determining the BAC at which they play their best golf. They also learn the BAC point of no return. According to experienced Golfalyzer users, once a social athletes cross the tipping point, it is rare if not impossible, to return to preferred comfort zone. Since alcohol takes a while to completely get into one’s blood system after consumption…by the time the tipping point is reached, there’s normally more impairment to come. Several things can affect the rate of impairment after consumption, such as body mass, food intake, and physical conditioning.

If you’re planning to attend the 2013 World Amateur Handicap Championship check out Golflayzer and BAC-Home at their booth in the 19th Hole. They’ll be in booth # 518 right next to the bar. How’s that for good planning? Golflayzer hopes to have some fun  demonstrating the golf gift breathalyzer to the more than 3000 golfers and their guests expected to attend the festivities at the World’s Largest 19th hole.  But more than anything, they expect to educate them as to the BAC their buzz equates. For more information about Golflayzer go to